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Easy to use Android Development Tools



Easy to use Android Development Tools

Easy to use Android Development Tools are very essential in the Android world which is really big today. Millions of apps are there that people download a billion of times for their usage. Apps are always exciting to view, every now and then when there is a new app launched people go crazy about it. This is all because of the excellent android development is done by the expert developers who take time and developed such apps that are and have helped millions of lives all across the world. Thanks to the android development tools also which have helped the developers develop the apps easily and yet very complex apps. It is with these tools that the developers today are able to generate code and develop algorithms which take the application development to the next level.

It is today with these tools and the minds of the coolest developers around the world that a parent today is carrying out digital parenting by using spy apps such as TheOneSpy to monitor kids. It is because if these developers that today a billion people have been connected free of cost via What’s App. Here are a few of those android app development tools that are used. These tools are mostly open source. Among these, the famous ones are the Native Development Kit (NDK), the Android SDK, the Hyper Next Android Creator, the Titanium Mobile SDK and the ADOBE AIR.

Easy to use Android Development Tools

The Android SDK:

If a developer is about to start developing then this is the better tool to get started on. This development kit offers all the necessary tools to build an application, test and debug it. With the help of the ADT Bundle via this tool the developers can start the app development.  With this bundle the developers get Eclipse + ADT plugin, the different Android SDK Tools, the platform tools for android and many other features that help develop exciting apps.

Native Development Kit:

If you are a developer who loves coding with C and C++ then this is the right tool for you.  The NDK helps the developers use the existing libraries (already written code in those languages) to develop the android apps. This makes it a bit easy to, that code in any other language may not be easy to manipulate without a tool for android.

Titanium Mobile SDK:

This is one of the vastest and reliable tools for android app development. It has more than 5000 JavaScript APIs. Using this array of APIs the developers can create exciting and an immense number of apps that have different functionality. With this tool the developers are able to create hybrid apps. This is by far one of the best development kits. With its ability to offer so much APIs, the developers have created some of the best apps.

The HAC or the Hyper Next Android Creator:

If you are looking to build your own app, then this may be the better tool for you. Anyone can create their own android app using this HAC tool. It also supports a range of devices. Another benefit that this tool offers for the developers is that the development done is easy, it uses the Hyper Next language for development which is more like English.


Another brilliant and easy to use tool for android application development is Adobe Air. With this tool the developers can create apps for iPad, iPhone, Nook Tablet, Kindle Fire, and many other Android phones and devices. If you are looking for cross-platform for app development, then this is the right tool for you.

These are some of the Easy to use Android Development Tools to develop android apps across different platforms and for different devices.

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